Milk And Honey Book Review

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Milk And Honey Book Review. This is known to be a very approachable poetry collection, with easily understood subject matter. Calling milk and honey “a good book” is an understatement to me;

Review Milk and Honey Rupi Kaur Milk and honey, Honey
Review Milk and Honey Rupi Kaur Milk and honey, Honey from

There are many who hate this book. “milk and honey,” written by rupi kaur, has become an instant hit among teenage and adult women. Milk and honey is a poetry book that is divided into four chapters, the healing process:

Book review…milk and honey by rupi kaur.

Review of milk and honey ebook. Kaur’s book consists of poems about the struggles of womanhood and her own personal experiences of love and heartbreak. This book tells you in a very artistic way how a woman feels when they’re not being heard, how society thinks a woman should act or how we should express ourselves. The crazy thing is that it seems like everyone can relate to at least one poem in milk and honey.